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Custom Jewelry Boxes Handcrafted from the Finest Exotic Woods

Custom handcrafted wood jewelry boxes

Wurrkshop Woods has been handcrafting custom jewelry boxes out of exotic woods for over 10 years. Curly Maple, Mahogany, Black Walnut, and Cherry are some of the more popular woods used in my jewelry boxes. Other species that I have used include Zebrawood, Wenge, Bubinga, Satinwood, Lacewood, Bocote, Narra, Blackwood, Purpleheart, Ebony, Jatoba, and a few I have probably forgotten. I have even made a piece from a fallen tree from a customer's back yard. Each jewelry box produced must meet our form and function test. This philosophy simply says that one without the other cheats the customer. My goal is to finish each exotic wood box with a glass smooth finish in a design that will hold a significant amount of jewelry. I believe that an exotic wood jewelry box of great form and design that doesn't hold much jewelry has only fulfilled half of its job.

Each custom wood jewelry box is constructed of highly figured and exotic woods. The woods that I use for my wood jewelry boxes must have superior character. If the wood doesn't spark the imagination, it isn't used. Many of these woods are imported from all corners of the world. Some of my pieces incorporate as many as 20 different species of wood. Needless to say this presents some what of a challenge, however they are some of my favorites. My drawered jewelry boxes are constructed using one long piece of wood which is resawn, opened up and glued back together to produce what is referred as a bookmatched frame. The front and back of each of these pieces will be a virtual mirror image of each other. My rectangular jewelry boxes use what is called a 4 corner match. A special technique is used to give each corner the appearance that the grain runs continually around each box.

What makes my work stand apart from the others is the fit and finish. Just in the sanding process alone I use 9 different steps. Before any finish is applied I can read in the reflection of each box. After final sanding, a light coat of natural Danish oil is applied followed by an application of wax and then a final buffing with carnuba wax. I use no stains or dyes in any of my pieces. If the wood doesn't have the character to stand on it's own, I don't use it. When you rub your hand over the top of one of my jewelry boxes you will feel real wood, not something that has 5 coats of lacquer covering up scratches. Just by touching you will be able to tell the difference between open and tight grained woods.

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